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Dark. Dangerous. Erotic.

To save her from death, twenty year old Honey LeChat was turned to a werewolf, binding her to a one year agreement with her maker – the cold and unyielding Roarke Romanov.

All she needs to do is live with him for a year and at all cost battle her fierce attraction to him. But it wont be easy.

There’s an ominous force awakening inside her. Sooner or later it will break free and devour her existence.

There’s only one way to stop it.

Give up her freedom.

As enemies of the throne close in, secrets began to unravel and deceit threatens to consume her. Honey must make her choice.

Will she be able to escape the Legacy’s vile grip?


Scarlet Legacy Series

First Book – Turned

Second Book – Awakening Curse

Third Book – Defying Fate

Fourth Book – The King’s Promise

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